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Thinking in Jazz : The Infinite Art of Improvisation (Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology Series) by Paul F. Berliner

Paul Berliner's 883  page book is the first real book to examine in detail the thinking process behind Jazz improvisation. He chronicles the lives of many leading Jazz musicians documenting the remarkable creativity and the lifetime of preparation that lies behind the skilled improviser's every idea. The book is a culmination of over 15 years research in Jazz, included are excerpts from interviews with leading figures and analysis of musical improvised performances.

A masterpiece
An absolutely groundbreaking work that cuts through all the misconceptions about improv & tells what it's really like. Honestly, this is the only book of its kind that really resonates with musicians and has this level of scope, clear & cogent writing, organization, musical examples (what transcriptions!), and respected primary sources.
A reader from New York, NY , July 13, 1998
Paperback - 883 pages (August 1994)

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The Bebop Revolution in Words and Music by Dave Olipht (Editor)

This is a book I came across when I was in Austin, TX. It is produced by the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin. In 1980 Ross Russell, founder of Dial records and author of Bird Lives ! donated his whole collection of Jazz memorabilia, recordings and manuscripts to the university. In 1994 it was decided to sponsor an exhibition and symposium based on the Russell collection. Sponsored by the University's music department a number of leading figures in Jazz were invited to participate. The book is a culmination and has interesting articles on Charlie Parker, The Dial recordings of Charlie Parker, Langston Hughes, Donna Lee, Bebop in the 1990s.
Paperback (October 1994)
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