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BBS & Discussion Group History


In 1982 I set-up and established one of the first Bulletin Boards dedicated to musicians. I adapted and modified Computerized Bulletin Board System (CBBS) software by Ward Christensen and Randy Seuss, to work on a Victor Sirius 1 and Hitek 4500 CP/M and CP/M86 Operating System.

The system was designed for users to read and post messages. This eventually led to the creation of forums, special interest groups in which users could communicate among themselves about specific topics. The system ran for over five years, providing information on all aspects of music. Later the system was converted to run on a Wren Executive computer.

In 1995 I was the main founder of the Jazz Guitar Discussion Group established on a LISTSERV based in Germany, JAZZGUITAR-L. See Jazz Guitar Discussion Group

Currently, I now moderate (along with others) the:


Birth Of The BBS Ward and Randy reminisce about the early days

ACT Sirius 1 User Group (UK)
The Sirius 1 User group established by Bruce Appleton. The best site for information on the Sirius.

Michael French's Wren Page Michael French wrote to me to ask for more information on the Wren Executive Computer and set-up this page with pictures of the Wren Computer

Wren Executive at the Old-Computers.Com Museum
Pictures and overview of the Wren Computer (Thorn EMI were the manufacturers)

Victor Sirius I at the Old-Computers.Com Museum
Pictures and Overview of the Victor Sirius I

History Of Computing Year Index The history of computing project. For some of the projects I was involved in select year 1978 onwards.

CataList the official catalog of LISTSERV lists