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African Music Discussion Groups

The African Music Group was established in 1995 on a LISTSERV® based in Germany. Initially it was a way for émigré African musicians living in Europe to connect with one another. Growing out of the great European African music scene, it became very popular, with artists and fans alike. With the demise of the service provider it was combined with  the African Music Web ring and move on January 30, 2001 to Yahoo Groups.

Operated as free services it allows anyone to post and read messages with other like minded groups of people.  The other moderators and I try to ensure that we have a friendly commercial free discussion environment. You can choose to not receive any email and only read and post on the web- the FAQ's tell you how when you join.

All are welcome to join and membership is FREE. Members come from all over the world and include listeners, musicians, promoters, press, writers, DJ's, recording companies, video producers, fans and artists; and range from Beginners to Experts.

All aspects of African Music are discussed, Concerts, Recordings, Festivals, and upcoming events and concerts are announced.


African Music Hub Hub of the African Music Group.

African Music Webring The largest collection of African Sites connected together in a webring.

BBS and Discussion Groups History Alisdair's involvement with BBS's and Discussion Groups.

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