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I am currently using guitars made by Gibson and Ibanez,   having found these to be great working guitars giving a good balance between Acoustic and Electric sound and excellent for live work, as they rarely feedback.

Ibanez GB10BS

I use this guitar for most commercial and session work. Custom attached is a Roland GK-2A hexaphonic pickup for attachment to VG-8 and/or GI-10. (See Gear) allowing emulation of all guitar sounds.

It has a Laminated Spruce top, Flame Maple back and sides, 3 pc Maple neck, 24 3/4 inch scale and a 22 fret Ebony fret board. The pickups are floating off the body and are mini Humbucking pickups with Alnico Magnets. The bridge pickup is attached to the pick guard and the neck pickup is attached to the neck. The Tailpiece has two tension adjustment screws that adjust the string tension on either the low 3 strings or the high 3 strings. It also has a Half Bone and Half Brass nut, Ebony Arch Top Bridge, Tortoise Shell Pick guard, The finish is BS.

Ibanez GB5BS

I use this guitar for all straight-ahead Jazz Gigs.

The GB5 Model body is much larger than the GB10 more like the GB20 and it uses 2 Super 58 pickups. The body is carved Spruce Top with Lacquer finish with Flame Maple back and sides. 3 piece Maple neck and an Ebony Fret board. The finish is BS. It was prototype and one of only three with a carved top. The short-lived production model has a laminate top.






Gibson L-5CT George Gobel

I use this guitar when I want a more acoustic sound on straight-ahead  Jazz Gigs.

This guitar is a thin-line L-5. originally developed by Gibson for comedian/guitarist George Gobel, It has 20 fret fingerboard 24-3/4" scale length with pearl block inlay. A carved spruce top, solid maple sides and back and five-piece neck, giving it a very mellow acoustic tone, yet allowing each string to ring loud. It has one '57 Classic PAF humbucker pickup and is Vintage Sunburst. According to the Serial Number the instrument was produced on Jan 16, 1996 in Nashville.


Gibson L7-C

This guitar I've owned this guitar for over 20 years and is featured on some of the photos on the site. Built in 1962, this guitar has an old Gibson Charlie Christian bar magnet pickup. Gibson originally designed this pickup for the ES-150 (ES for Electric Spanish), and Charlie Christian made it well known. The guitar has been featured on my early Jazz recordings, and I used it extensively over 10 years in Europe.

Thomastik JS112 Medium Light Flatwound Jazz Swing Electric Guitar Strings  

Thomastik JS112 Medium Light Flatwound Jazz Swing Electric Guitar. With the following gauges:













D'Andrea Classic Celluloid 1.21mm

Since 1997 I have been using the D'Andrea pick. Previously, my favored pick was the white small heavy pre-CBS Fender pick.