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Polytone Mega Brute

Polytone Mega-Brute

For small combo straight ahead Jazz work I use the mega brute. It's a great little amp, extremely portable and has the following specs:


80 Watts RMS Combo
8" speaker
2 channels switchable: CLEAN & CLEAN/OVERDRIVE
Individual Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume controls
3 position BRITE switch Boost/Cut highs
Master Volume
Studio-type 3-Spring HAMMOND Reverb
2 Inputs (High & Low)
Preamp Main Signal Output Jack for POLYTONE Sidekick cabinets or other amps
Stereo Footswitch Jack for remote control of CLEAN/OVERDRIVE and REVERB (footswitch optional)
Lower Rear Panel: Jacks for Exterior speaker and headphones
Tough Black Textured covering
Steel Mesh grill, heavy duty stackable corners
Dimensions: 11 1/2"H x 13 1/4"W x 7 3/4"D

Trace Elliott TA100R

Tace Elliott TA100RFor many years I used the British Built Trace Elliott TA100R. Gibson acquired Trace Elliott in October 1998. This amplifier is incredible clean and very flexible and can easily be adjusted for any room acoustics. It has probably the best built in reverb of any amplifier on the market (Alessis). It has the following specs:

100 watt RMS combo
4x5" Speaker
Weight 18Kg (39.7 lbs)
Piezo/Lo-Level Impedance 10Meg Ohms/Sensitivity 100mV to 8V peak to peak
Active/Hi-Level Impedance 68k Ohms/Sensitivity 100mV to 20V peak to peak
Low Z Balanced Impedance 470 Ohms/Gain Range +15dB to +60dB
Effects Return Impedance 22k Ohms/Nominal Level 0dBv
Link/Line In Impedance 47k Ohms/Nominal Level 0dBv
Effects Send Impedance 47k Ohms/Nominal level 0dBv
Balanced DIs Impedance 600 Ohms/Level 500mV peak to peak
Link/Line Out Impedance 47k Ohms/Nominal Level 0dBv
Master +/-15dB at 5 center frequencies
Shape +6dB at 160Hz, -6dB at 900Hz, +10dB at 6kHz
Notch Q=10, range 60 to 720Hz
Phantom Power 48v DC
Digital Reverb 16 bit, four room, four hall, four plate and four delay presets.
Dimensions H 380mm (15in) / W 435mm (17.1in) / D 310mm (12.2in)

Roland JC 120

Roland JC 120For all other band work and my "work horse" amplifier used for more than 20 years, I use the Roland JC 120. It give me 120 watts of power with two input channels and two 12" speakers. Superb sound quality and built-in chorus effect make the JC-120 great for large auditoriums. It has the following specs:
Two separate 60 watt RMS power amps (to allow true stereo chorus)
Two input channels (normal/effect); three-band EQ per channel
One high and one low input per channel
Reverb, distortion, adjustable vibrato and true stereo chorus
Footswitch jacks for distortion, reverb, chorus