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Do It The Hard Way - Chet Baker Scat Solo
Satin Doll - Wes Montgomery Solo
Ecaroh - Wes Montgomery Solo
Scramble Eggs - Wes Montgomery Solo


How to Transcribe - David Wilkins' article on transcribing - "Some Advice for the Beginning Jazz Improviser"
Transcribing Tools - Useful links to tools used in transcribing

Links to Sites Featuring Transcriptions

This list was created and is maintained by Alisdair MacRae Birch. If there are dead links or changes needed or you wish to submit a new site (with reciprocal link) please email me at:

Charles McNeal

Transcriptions by Oakland, CA based saxophonist. Great collection Dexter Gordon, Harold Land, Cannonball Adderley and more.

Brent D Stuntzner

Transcriptions of guitarists include Kenny Burrell, Grant Green and Wes Montgomery. Excellent.

Guitar Masters - Jazz Charts

Perry Terhune Excellent Site. Check out the Jazz Charts and Substitution sections.

John McLaughlin Transcriptions

Massimo Morrone Excellent John McLaughlin Site.

Jason Brazile's Bossa Nova Guitar Transcriptions

Another extremely well organized site with transcriptions from Joăo Gilberto and other artists.


Charles Schneider maintains this site for EJMA it's a veritable Gold-Mine of Transcriptions from a massive number of artists.


Thomas-James Potrel and Frédéric Monino Site with many excellent transcriptions. Site is in French

Jazz Guitar Corps

Free Jazz Guitar Chord Melody Charts including Lenny Breau

Jazz Guitar Solo Transcriptions

Adam Good's Jazz Guitar Transcriptions

Jazz Resource Center

Excellent site with a Transcription-of-the-week series.


Transcribed solos from some of the greats.

Lucas Pickford Transcriptions

Lucas's site has many great transcriptions including many great guitar players

Pete Estabrook's site with trumpet transcriptions

Mande Guitar Playing

Eric Charry's transcriptions of African guitarists

Rap-Hip Hop-Funk Guitar and Bass tabs

A collection of ASCII tabs.

The Pat Martino transcription site

Dr.Jörg Heuser undertook his PhD. on Pat Martino, and has transcribed virtually all of Pat's Solos. Check it Out

The Pat Metheny Page

Dutch site run by Maarten and Wim with lots of info and transcriptions of Pat's work

Central Park North: Transcriptions

Dan Cross's Jazz transcriptions.

Khan's Corner: Transcriptions

Steve Khan's transcriptions of George Benson, Wes Montgomery etc. accompanied by an MP3 file of the tune.

The Jazz Guitar Pages

Transcriptions of Scofield, Metheny and Christian.

Dirk Lauken's Transcriptions

Transcriptions of Montgomery, Metheny and Scofield.